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 US News and World Report ranks Newton-Conover High School the 13th best high school in North Carolina.  ******  Washington Post recognizes Discovery High School as one of top 30 most challenging high schools in North Carolina.
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Kid Connection: 35 Years of Caring
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Kid Connection Principals of the Year
We are pleased to announce that Kid Connection has chosen Mr. John Black of Jenkins Elementary, Ms. Julia Styers of South Newton Elementary and Dr. Thomas Howell of Startown Elementary as Principals of the Year to represent their school districts. 

Mr. Black, Ms. Styers and Dr. Howell, thank you for all that you do to help support our programs! For more information on why we chose these principals, please click here


School is in full swing and Kid Connection is excited to have your children in our care.

We provide before and after school care for children at 24 Elementary schools within Catawba County, Hickory City and Newton-Conover City Schools. Stop by the Kid Connection site in your elementary school for more details.  

Middle school children can participate in Kid Connection too! Call us for more information. 
35th Anniversary

Kid Connection’s 35th Birthday Bash

Since 1978, Kid Connection has operated as the before and afterschool program serving children in the Catawba County, Hickory City and Newton-Conover City schools. To celebrate the kids and families it has served over the past 35 years, Kid Connection will hold birthday bashes filled with cupcakes, games, friends and fun at its afterschool sites—and all of its kids are invited!           

            Newton, NC (September 2013)—Birthdays are exciting for everyone. Most people celebrate their birthday on one special day. For some, the festivities and anticipation stretch out a week or even a month. Here at Kid Connection we’re celebrating our big birthday all year and this is going to be one special year for the kids enrolled in our programs!

            “The 2013-2014 school year marks an important birthday for Kid Connection,” said Kirsten Maynard, Director of Community Schools of Catawba County. “Some call this our 35th anniversary, but to a program that is eternally young at heart thanks to the children it serves, we think the word ‘birthday’ is more fitting.”

            How does an organization with about 1,000 kids in three different school systems celebrate its 35th birthday? Well for starters we’re shipping out party decorations and a thousand cupcakes to our sites, along with a smorgasbord of toppings and icing so the kids can decorate their own. Cupcakes will be decorated during our after school hours as part of daily activities at each site.

            After the last cupcake has been decorated the party doesn’t stop there. We’ve also planned birthday bash festivities at Maiden and St. Stephens Elementary Schools on October 7th, which is a teacher workday for Catawba County and Newton-Conover City schools. Students from our other Kid Connection sites within these school systems will ride busses to these designated birthday bash sites to join in the fun. Kid Connection programs at Hickory City Schools will ride to Viewmont Elementary on the November 1st teacher workday for their birthday bash. These birthday bash sites will come equipped with bounce houses, festival games, prizes, color hairspray and face painting stations.  The fun and games will last all day.

            In addition to celebrating 35 years of working with kids in our programs, we are also celebrating our employees and the people who have been with us for many of those years. Over the years Kid Connection has had some really great employees. One employee in particular, Ms. Diane Dison at Claremont Elementary Kid Connection, has been with us the entire time! She’s seen families of kids move through our program and she’s even cared for second-generation kid connection students as well.

            Kid Connection has worked with thousands of kids through our before and afterschool programs and we’ve learned a thing or two about throwing a great party that kids will enjoy. We hope to make this school year one to remember by celebrating throughout the year with our kids. We’re grateful for the families and children that we serve and look forward to serving families and generations in the years to come!             


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About Kid Connection:

Since 1978, Kid Connection has provided afterschool care for families needing an affordable, safe and convenient place for students during those hours between the end of the school day and the end of mom and dad’s work day. With this care after school, and the addition of before-school care, thousands of families have benefitted and Kid Connection makes it a priority to provide top notch care. Kid Connection also offers full-day care on teacher workdays and some holidays. Kid Connection’s SummerKids program operates during the summer months, making Kid Connection a true year-round childcare option for families. 

About Community Schools:

Community Schools began operation in 1978 with school board approval from Catawba County, Newton-Conover City and Hickory Public Schools and under the NC Legislative Act implementing a program to join schools and communities. Community Schools provides a vehicle for citizens and organizations in our area to utilize the local schools for meetings, conferences, sporting events and various other purposes. School age childcare and the coordination of the use of the many facilities are two much needed services administered by the Community Schools Program of Catawba County. 

Community Schools currently offers before and after-school care at affordable weekly and daily rates. It also accepts DSS vouchers. For more information and to get your child signed up, please call (828) 464-9355.

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